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CHERP LogoSustainable Claremont members worked with others in the community to create the Claremont Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP).

The goal of CHERP is to help homeowners reduce the energy consumption of their homes by making whole-house energy-efficiency improvements, according to standards set by the federal Home Performance with Energy Star program. These high standards qualify retrofit projects for rebates at the local, state and federal level.

  Working in partnership with the City and other
  nonprofit groups, CHERP met its original goal of
  helping 1% of Claremont homeowners (approximately 130 homes) make energy-
  efficiency improvements to their homes by 2013. CHERP is now working
  towards a goal of 10% retrofits.

  The program has been so successful that a slightly renamed version (Community
  Home Energy Retrofit Project) is going statewide.