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We Invite YOU to Join an Important New Community Initiative!


  • To promote attractive climate-appropriate landscapes in Claremont.
  • To promote efficient irrigation, water conservation and water reclamation.
  • To create a network of local resources to provide information and services to property owners.


  • Water is a scarce resource in Southern California.
  • Climate change and a growing population will make water increasingly scarce.
  • Claremont can be a model for other communities.


  • Please join us now!


Watch this page for more information!

Keep a lookout for our next Low-Water Landscape Expo!
Here is the flyer for the last one:  Low-Water Landscape Expo .
You can see the events at that Expo and a list of useful resources on this handout .

DRIP's CFLT classes provide several pdf handouts, which you can also obtain here:

You might also like this info on hiring a landscape professional.

Wondering how to water your trees? Take a look at this info from the Inland Urban Forests Council.

More information on caring for your garden can be found on the Garden Club pages.