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Claremont Garden Club

Welcome to the Claremont Garden Club (GC) pages!

Have you ever wondered "What is this plant?", How do I get a tropical effect with waterwise plants?", "What's the best way to support tomato plants and how do I use all those zucchini?" The Garden Club can help (and it's fun!).

We meet the second Wednesday of most months in the Napier Center at Pilgrim Place (660 Avery Rd). Chatting and plant swapping begin at 6:30 pm with the talk at 7pm.  Field trips and workshops occur at various times.  >You can see a list of past talks here.

"The purpose of the Garden Club shall be to increase the beauty, sustainability, and biodiversity of local landscapes, to provide education, and to foster helpful and pleasant interactions among those with an interest in gardens of any type, from ornamental to urban agriculture."

We can garden sustainably without losing the lush look of Claremont or our trees!

Find info in the "Links" page above and the links below.
Visit our free lending library at the Sustainability Resource Center.

Help us create a great resource for all things related to gardening by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about tree services, websites, books, and suchlike!


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