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Tree Action Group

Tree Action Group

Trees are of vital importance in making Claremont a healthier, more livable, and beautiful city. In 2012, a group of citizens concluded that while the City was committed to “protect, improve and expand our urban forest,” as stated in the Sustainable City Plan, appropriate policies, practices, knowledge and communications resources were not yet in place to accomplish those goals.

The Tree Action Group (TAG) has the following objectives:

To Learn … To become more knowledgeable about trees, their planting, maintenance and importance to the local ecology, and to identify the best knowledge resources regarding these topics.

To Educate … To develop educational programs and materials for Claremont residents, including homeowners, renters, leaders of businesses and institutions, teachers and children,

To Organize … To identify other Claremont residents, community groups and institutions who care about the health of Claremont’s trees and provide opportunities for them to work together. To provide resources and support to residents throughout the City who are concerned about the trees in their neighborhoods.

To Influence … To review the policies and practices of the City of Claremont and other organizations that maintain significant numbers of trees, and to engage in constructive dialog with these organizations in order to develop and implement better policies, practices and planning for the current and future health of our urban forest.


  Current Projects: Improving community understanding of the importance
  of street trees, making it easier for residents to deep-water their trees,
  and developing species-specific guidelines for tree trimming. TAG took
  an active role in the citywide discussions in 2014-15 about revising the
  City's Tree Policy Guidelines and currently is working with other groups as
  part of the Tree Coalition to provide information on taking care of trees.

  More information about TAG can be found on its blog.

  (Additional information about caring for trees can be found in the Garden Club pages--see link in menu at left)